Epic Battle: IDLIFE Guy Vs. GNC Guy

Who should you trust for Nutrition?


GNC employee: Hourly employee who reads muscle magazines about nutrition in between customers.
IDLIFE Guy has dedicated his life to studying nutrition and is one of the most sought after pharmacists and formulators in the world!

GNC employee: has no clue how their supplements will interact with your prescription drugs.
IDLIFE Guy : has spent 17 years designing a software program with well over 4,000 algorithms that takes over 5,000 clinical studies from 1,500 worldwide evidence-based medical and nutrition journals ach and every month into consideration towards targeted nutritional recommendations.

GNC employee: works to sell you products that are designed for the general public.
IDLIFE Guy: Works to achieve your optimal health and customizes a supplement plan that is unique to YOU with ID Nutrition!

So let me ask you a question. If you could get a CUSTOMIZED Nutritional Supplement designed by one of the TOP pharmacists and nutritional experts in the world for about the same cost (or less) as over the counter supplements made for the general public that doesn’t take into account your prescriptions, which product would you rather buy?

Keep this in mind, even if you don’t take prescriptions, having a supplement that takes other things into consideration, like gender, age, type of work, lifestyle and other key fsctors and then having it custom made just for you beats any over the counter one-size fits all supplement.



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