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Epic Battle: IDLIFE Guy Vs. GNC Guy

Who should you trust for Nutrition?


GNC employee: Hourly employee who reads muscle magazines about nutrition in between customers.
IDLIFE Guy has dedicated his life to studying nutrition and is one of the most sought after pharmacists and formulators in the world!

GNC employee: has no clue how their supplements will interact with your prescription drugs.
IDLIFE Guy : has spent 17 years designing a software program with well over 4,000 algorithms that takes over 5,000 clinical studies from 1,500 worldwide evidence-based medical and nutrition journals ach and every month into consideration towards targeted nutritional recommendations.

GNC employee: works to sell you products that are designed for the general public.
IDLIFE Guy: Works to achieve your optimal health and customizes a supplement plan that is unique to YOU with ID Nutrition!

So let me ask you a question. If you could get a CUSTOMIZED Nutritional Supplement designed by one of the TOP pharmacists and nutritional experts in the world for about the same cost (or less) as over the counter supplements made for the general public that doesn’t take into account your prescriptions, which product would you rather buy?

Keep this in mind, even if you don’t take prescriptions, having a supplement that takes other things into consideration, like gender, age, type of work, lifestyle and other key fsctors and then having it custom made just for you beats any over the counter one-size fits all supplement.



Why I love idlife’s pre workout: and the perils of picking a pre workout

Want to be an unstoppable force at the gym? A pre workout could help, but there’s a catch…

When you decide to take working out from an occasional source of guilt relief from a pumpkin pie and gravy filled binge; to an almost daily act with purpose and a goal you are going to want to invest in a pre workout supplement

But When it comes to buying pre workout supplements you can go to your local gnc and be pretty quickly overwhelmed by the available selection. Flashy containers ranging from $50-$150 with names like jack3d or NOxplode promising to make you a force in the gym. The problem is that the main ingredient in a lot of these supplements hype and marketing and most people don’t find something that’s safe and effective until after they have wasted hundreds on garbage filler packed powders.

Simplifying pre workout supplements

Pre workouts essentially boil down to 3 main functions.
3.pump (that invincible “swole” feeling after an epic workout)

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? The catch is that all of these different product go about different methods to achieve the desired results.most of which turn out to be ineffective or even dangerous.

So let’s take a moment to look at the different gimmicks they will employ to try to fool you out of your hard earned cash.

gimmick #1: proprietary formulas

This nasty trick is used by almost all of the products on shelves today.
How it works: the ingredient “aakg” is a phenomenal pump and motivation ingredient ( more about that later). Shady company A will want to show this ingredient in their ingredient list, but they don’t want to have to pay the premium to put a significant amount of it in their product. The solution? A proprietary blend. Instead of saying aakg: 3 grams. They will say: super pump blend: 3grams (aakg, random filler 1, random filler2)

To the uninitiated these two look the same on the label, while one tells you exactly how much of the ingredient is present, and the other could very well be mostly filler with a dash of the good stuff.

Next: Gimmick #2 deadly, ineffective and untested ingredients.

My pre workout of choice is pre workout by Idlife.

EFA fish out of water

Fish Out Of Water

by Paul Sullivan, RPh RxN
Inventor and Formulator, IDNutrition
IDNutrition uses Omega-3 Complex as a core solution to today’ s dietary deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids
(EFA’s) and all the health benets they deliver.
What are EFA’s?
EFA’s are “Essential” Fatty acids required by the body and must be acquired by either diet or supplements
tion. While there are other minor EFA’s, Omega-6s and Omega-3s are the most important and the ideal
balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 in the diet is 1:1. Unfortunately in the Standard American Diet that ratio is
a pathetic 25:1.
Omega-6 EFAs come basically from grains and are the corn, cottonseed, soy, sunflower and saflower oils
but are now dangerously out of balance leading to ininflammation and chronic disease such as arthritis,
cardiovascular disease and obesity.
Omega-3 EFA’s come from sh oils (mackerel, salmon and sardines), krill oil and some plant oils with
flax seed and chia being the most popular. Fish oil delivers much more Omega-3s than do krill, ax or chia
and in a much more ecient and easy to absorb form.
Why Omega-3s?
The key Omega-3 EFAs are EPA (Eicosapentenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Studies have
shown that in doses smaller than 1 Omega-3 Complex taken daily yield the following benets:
• Decreased platelet aggregation (protects against sticky blood and clots forming in arteries).
• Reduction in irregular heartbeats, triglycerides, cardiac death and all cause mortality.
• Reduction of blood pressure and inflinflammation.
Why is IDNutrition better?
About 8% of people taking sh oil have trouble with an unpleasant burping sensation and taste the Fish Oils
capsule about 15 minutes after ingestion. Usually this is resolved by taking with a fatty meal (ie dinner) or a
snack and NOT just with a cup of coee or glass of juice.
To avoid this discomfort, our Omega-3 Complex capsules are also formulated with “natural” alpha tocopherol ( used by only about 5% of our competitors) to prevent the oxidation of sh oil or the “spoiling” that often
happens a week after the competitor’s bottle is opened and causes the burping. Our small (700mg and 50%
more concentrated versus the usual 1000mg) “easy to use” capsules are often dispensed within 60 days even
though their expiration date is over two years and basically your 30 day supply come from the ocean to your
packets within several weeks.
Omega-3 Complex: Fresh and Essential and Core to ID Nutrition.
Emmanuel Padilla


“A rose is a rose is a rose” is a fair statement if you’ve never explored the variety and beauty of roses. The same thought applies to nutritional supplements. The variety is extensive, but quality varies. So, how do you determine which ones will meet your specific needs?  Simple – answer a few questions.

IMG_0895-2.JPGThe IDNutrition system by id life takes the highest quality vitamin components, and using the responses you give to the id health assessment creates the perfect blend for you personally,. It takes into account special medical conditions and any prescription medications you may be taking, and creates a customized vitamin regimen for you, complete with pre sorted am/pm vita packs with your name on them.

The id assessment is 100% free, so you can give it a try for yourself to see what science says you should be taking.

Give it a try at: