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Introducing: iDHealth Score

Your new  iDhealth score by Idlife is the perfect way to gauge your current level of wellness. And an excellent way to track your progress along your health journey! will be launching feb 22 and will allow users to take their online health assessment, learn their numerical iDhealth score  and then share their score with friends and family on social media, challenging them to do the same. It won’t be long before everyone knows their iDhealth score, what’s yours!?


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IDLife – Customized Nutrition Plans

IDLife – Customized Nutrition Plans

What most of us don’t understand about modern diet plans is that they are generally thought of and released with just a few types of people in mind. That is to say, you cannot come up with a universally viable diet plan which can help everybody in the same way. And this is where IDLife comes into play: the customized nutrition plan aims to bring personalized information for each and every individual who participates in the program.

Why Use IDLife Customized Nutrition?
First and foremost, we need to understand once and for all that people are inherently different, from our metabolic rates, to our diets, even the availability of certain foods in our daily meals, along with our exercise and activity habits. Taking all these things into account is the only way in which we can determine a viable nutrition plan suitable for our health, regardless of our final aim.

IDLife is a program that people can use to determine exactly that: you basically input important information about your lifestyle and habits, along with other relevant details and the program brings you a personalized nutrition assessment. Once that’s done and you get to review the results, you can order the IDLife products that can help get your health back on track.

The IDLife nutrition products are not only customized to each participating individual’s needs, but they also offer a natural, organic, gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free and casein free alternative to many of its competing products. With our money and our health on the line, it’s important to seek out the products which can not only make a sizable impact, but keep us healthy and risk-free for the duration of the treatment.

So if you’re ready to make a real change, sign up for the IDLife program right now and start creating your personalized nutrition plan.

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Why I love idlife’s pre workout: and the perils of picking a pre workout (pt.2)

Gimmick #2 deadly, ineffective and untested ingredients.


In addition to simply being packed with fillers and ingredients that have been proven to do nothing more for the human body than drywall dust; there is an even more important reason to ensure that the producrs you consure are pure and effective.  The use of  deadly, ineffective and untested ingredients.

Example:  Craze by DS

records made public show; Federal regulators have warned the maker of the once popular sports supplement Craze about its proprietary blend of ingredients and tests showing an undisclosed methamphetamine-like compound in the product, .  Yes, you read that right,  AN UNDISCLOSED METH LIKE COMPOUND

According to John Travis, an NSF researcher who was also a coauthor on the study conducted on Craze. “Folks who use these products are unknowingly participating in an unsponsored clinical trial to test whether they have harmful effects,”





Try a clean SAFE pre workout supplement from IDLIFE:


Individually Designed Nutrition
Given proper nutrition, the human body has an amazing ability to repair itself. To do so, individuals need to take high quality nutritional supplements in the proper dosage. Nutritional supplements provide our bodies with the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients we are not getting from “manufactured” processed foods or from the nutrient depleted fruits and vegetables that are from distant lands.

EveryBODY has nutritional needs unique to them, unlike any other Individual…specific nutritional depletions from lifestyle, medications, health issues, diet, geographical climate…on and on goes the list of considerations, based on what can seem to be an overwhelming number of factors. All of this, combined with an individuals desired outcomes and the enormous amount of scientific evidence that is changing daily as new discoveries are published, makes finding the right products to meet each of our unique nutritional needs a seemingly impossible task.

INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED NUTRITION (aka IDnutrition) has made it all possible, by using more than 4,000 algorithms, which when combined with an Individual’s unique profile, yields more than 4 million potential nutritional programs, making Individual Design Nutrition a program that is truly Designed for the Individual.

New science confirms that drugs and nutrients work better and produce more desired effects when given at very specific times of the day. Enhance International also add Active fillers to our nutrients, so what would be inactive inert filler in other company’s tablets and capsules we turn into an opportunity to bring you more quality ingredients by adding bioactive “filler” that your body can benefit from.

In addition to understanding the value of high quality ingredients and proper dosing, at ID Nutrition we also believe that time matters and apply ChronoTherapy to all our product formulas. We understand the importance of optimal dosing at the right time of day by taking into account the 24 hour biological rhythms of the body.

Our formulas are manufactured under our Pharmacist’s strict controls and specifications using pharmaceutical grade nutritionals exclusively.

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Why I love idlife’s pre workout: and the perils of picking a pre workout

Want to be an unstoppable force at the gym? A pre workout could help, but there’s a catch…

When you decide to take working out from an occasional source of guilt relief from a pumpkin pie and gravy filled binge; to an almost daily act with purpose and a goal you are going to want to invest in a pre workout supplement

But When it comes to buying pre workout supplements you can go to your local gnc and be pretty quickly overwhelmed by the available selection. Flashy containers ranging from $50-$150 with names like jack3d or NOxplode promising to make you a force in the gym. The problem is that the main ingredient in a lot of these supplements hype and marketing and most people don’t find something that’s safe and effective until after they have wasted hundreds on garbage filler packed powders.

Simplifying pre workout supplements

Pre workouts essentially boil down to 3 main functions.
3.pump (that invincible “swole” feeling after an epic workout)

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? The catch is that all of these different product go about different methods to achieve the desired results.most of which turn out to be ineffective or even dangerous.

So let’s take a moment to look at the different gimmicks they will employ to try to fool you out of your hard earned cash.

gimmick #1: proprietary formulas

This nasty trick is used by almost all of the products on shelves today.
How it works: the ingredient “aakg” is a phenomenal pump and motivation ingredient ( more about that later). Shady company A will want to show this ingredient in their ingredient list, but they don’t want to have to pay the premium to put a significant amount of it in their product. The solution? A proprietary blend. Instead of saying aakg: 3 grams. They will say: super pump blend: 3grams (aakg, random filler 1, random filler2)

To the uninitiated these two look the same on the label, while one tells you exactly how much of the ingredient is present, and the other could very well be mostly filler with a dash of the good stuff.

Next: Gimmick #2 deadly, ineffective and untested ingredients.

My pre workout of choice is pre workout by Idlife.



“A rose is a rose is a rose” is a fair statement if you’ve never explored the variety and beauty of roses. The same thought applies to nutritional supplements. The variety is extensive, but quality varies. So, how do you determine which ones will meet your specific needs?  Simple – answer a few questions.

IMG_0895-2.JPGThe IDNutrition system by id life takes the highest quality vitamin components, and using the responses you give to the id health assessment creates the perfect blend for you personally,. It takes into account special medical conditions and any prescription medications you may be taking, and creates a customized vitamin regimen for you, complete with pre sorted am/pm vita packs with your name on them.

The id assessment is 100% free, so you can give it a try for yourself to see what science says you should be taking.

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