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EFA fish out of water

Fish Out Of Water

by Paul Sullivan, RPh RxN
Inventor and Formulator, IDNutrition
IDNutrition uses Omega-3 Complex as a core solution to today’ s dietary deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids
(EFA’s) and all the health benets they deliver.
What are EFA’s?
EFA’s are “Essential” Fatty acids required by the body and must be acquired by either diet or supplements
tion. While there are other minor EFA’s, Omega-6s and Omega-3s are the most important and the ideal
balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 in the diet is 1:1. Unfortunately in the Standard American Diet that ratio is
a pathetic 25:1.
Omega-6 EFAs come basically from grains and are the corn, cottonseed, soy, sunflower and saflower oils
but are now dangerously out of balance leading to ininflammation and chronic disease such as arthritis,
cardiovascular disease and obesity.
Omega-3 EFA’s come from sh oils (mackerel, salmon and sardines), krill oil and some plant oils with
flax seed and chia being the most popular. Fish oil delivers much more Omega-3s than do krill, ax or chia
and in a much more ecient and easy to absorb form.
Why Omega-3s?
The key Omega-3 EFAs are EPA (Eicosapentenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Studies have
shown that in doses smaller than 1 Omega-3 Complex taken daily yield the following benets:
• Decreased platelet aggregation (protects against sticky blood and clots forming in arteries).
• Reduction in irregular heartbeats, triglycerides, cardiac death and all cause mortality.
• Reduction of blood pressure and inflinflammation.
Why is IDNutrition better?
About 8% of people taking sh oil have trouble with an unpleasant burping sensation and taste the Fish Oils
capsule about 15 minutes after ingestion. Usually this is resolved by taking with a fatty meal (ie dinner) or a
snack and NOT just with a cup of coee or glass of juice.
To avoid this discomfort, our Omega-3 Complex capsules are also formulated with “natural” alpha tocopherol ( used by only about 5% of our competitors) to prevent the oxidation of sh oil or the “spoiling” that often
happens a week after the competitor’s bottle is opened and causes the burping. Our small (700mg and 50%
more concentrated versus the usual 1000mg) “easy to use” capsules are often dispensed within 60 days even
though their expiration date is over two years and basically your 30 day supply come from the ocean to your
packets within several weeks.
Omega-3 Complex: Fresh and Essential and Core to ID Nutrition.
Emmanuel Padilla